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Turf Connections Tall Fescue

Turf Connections Tall Fescue sod is grown from a blend of three tall fescue varieties and Kentucky Bluegrass. This grass is a popular choice for homeowners, site contractors, landscapers and home builders working with residential lawns–especially areas with partial or full shade.

Turf Connections Tall Fescue blend produces a fine-textured, deep green lawn. Incorporated in the blend is Kentucky Bluegrass for added vibrant color that stays green all winter.


  • Deep green coloration, even in the winter
  • Resistant to disease and drought
  • Fine texture
  • Deep root system for strength and nutrient efficiency


  • High tolerance to traffic
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Adaptable to growing in different types of soil, including sandy soil and poorly drained areas

Turf Connections can deliver and install a Turf Connections Tall Fescue lawn for you today! Call us at (843) 862-8873 or email us.

We Grow Quality Turf

It’s no secret why Turf Connections is the premier sod provider of natural grass throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and the surrounding parts of Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee. It’s our turf. We grow our natural grass sod at four farm locations in North Carolina and South Carolina. Headquartered in Cheraw, South Carolina, our natural grass turf is cared for by our team of industry experts. We plant it. We grow it. We’ll harvest it. We even deliver and install it for you. We know natural grass. It’s our passion.